In 2010, SONAX celebrated its 60th anniversary. Did you know? The brand has its origin in the silver polish "SONA". By adding an “X” as synonym for “wax”, one of the most successful carcare brands worldwide was born in 1949 – the year of birth of the Federal Republic of Germany – and marketed in 1950. Since then, SONAX successfully develops and produces quality car care products in Neuburg on the Danube.

Car care: SONAX is “best brand”

There is more to celebrate: SONAX is the “best brand” – that is what the readers of the renowned car magazines “auto motor und sport”, “Motor Klassik”, “4WheelFun” and “Motorsport aktuell” think. In all 2009 reader voting SONAX achieved best ratings and has been awarded the coveted "Best Brand" award. High customer satisfaction is and has always been a decisive competitive factor for the brand’s success.

We at the Hoffmann Group of Companies, see ourselves as an amalgamation of our own, individual and legally autonomous, group of companies; united under the management board, advisory council and partners. We assert our independence and preserve it through long term financial asset maintenance and sound company capital provisions. Our companies are decentralized and operate autonomously. Strategic management, allocation of resources and centrally provided services are there to ensure that they reach their targets. Founded: 1903 Turnover: ca. 80 Mio. Euro (2012) Employees: approx. 480
How we see ourselves We, that is SONAX GmbH, see ourselves as an innovative company that manufactures and sells chemical products and also provides services for the vehicle maintenance sector. Range of Services Under the trade name SONAX, we offer a highly competitive and extensive range of products for the cleaning and care of vehicles. Through highest quality, and a price policy in the upper range, we seek to establish the SONAX brand as a manufacturer and supplier of environmentally pro-active and innovative products. Success Factors Our clear corporate aim is the perpetual development of our BRAND POWER; CUSTOMER ORIENTATION; ADAPTABILITY and PROCESS and PRODUCT QUALITY. And through these success factors we aim to distinguish ourselves in competition, and lastingly increase our returns. Code of Conduct We are naturally aware of our responsibilities to the environment. This requires that our business practices and products are conducted, or maintained, in harmony with our natural resources. We constantly aim to improve customer and employee satisfaction, through customer orientation and personal responsibility. We strive for successful partnerships, of mutual benefit, with our customers and suppliers. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATE ISO 14001:2004 CERTIFICATE
The SONAX Research and Development team does not spare any effort to make good products even better. Permanent innovation activities again and again direct the markets’ attention to SONAX’s innovations, which bring dynamics to the business and drive the brand’s growth. SONAX products stand for highest quality “made in Germany” and convince with excellent effect and outstanding performance. Many successful tests and awards of independent testing institutes such as DEKRA (an independent vehicle inspectorate), TÜV (technical inspection agency) or GTÜ (association of technical monitoring) underline this year after year. And the excellent scores in product tests regularly performed by German auto publications such as “Auto Bild”, “auto motor und sport” and the “Auto Zeitung” additionally emphasise SONAX’s high competence in research and development. The convincing performance of SONAX products go hand in hand with exemplary environmental characteristics: the products meet EU guidelines, the ÖNORM (Austrian standard) and strictest environmental specifications. The SONAX research and development activities aim at advancing and optimising product performance Windscreen cleaners containing surfactants that are based on renewable primary products or the new propellant-free products for cockpits and upholsteries are just a few of many examples. Some products are even dermatologically approved. SONAX follows a comprehensive company strategy that attaches great importance to environmental friendliness and health protection in product development: the entire Hoffmann Group of Companies, to which SONAX belongs, is certified according to EN ISO 14001. Fulfilling this European standard expresses the company’s voluntary participation in the global environmental management guideline. The ISO 9001 certification of the internationally respected German inspection agency TÜV confirms SONAX’s modern production procedures and its consequent quality management. The TÜV audits research, manufacturing processes and the routes of transport regularly and extensively.
From a silver polish to a car polish. For more than 50 years, SONAX – one of the leading car care product manufacturers – develops and produces in Neuburg (Germany). More than 50 years ago, Manfred Hoffman and his father took the entrepreneurial venture of manufacturing a car polish. Today, SONAX employs around 300 people and yields an annual turnover of approx. 60 million Euros. The history. The SONAX brand’s history goes back to the beginning of the last century. In Neuburg, from as early as 1905, the great grandfather of the present owner, extracted siliceous earth - an extremely fine mineral which was used in many domestic polishes. After the war, a silver polish was developed and marketed under the name “Sona” – while successful, it had very limited market opportunities due to its application. Therefore, the idea of creating a car polish was born. “Sona” becomes SONAX. An “X” - as synonym for wax which was found in every car polish - was added to the brand name “Sona”. Thus, 50 years ago, the company started into the car care sector. The beginnings were very simple: Four SONAX representatives drove overland in fully loaded VW Beetles. It was the personal contact to customers that counted; at that time, advertising was unimaginable. The breakthrough came with the frost. Step by step, further car care products were added. But not everything was a success right from the start: a de-icer was created and provided in glass bottles. Unfortunately, in frost, the de-icing product froze and burst the glass packaging. Consequently, the Neuburg laboratory developed an effective de-icer which was the first marketed in an aerosol can - a big seller in the cold winter of 1962. A strong brand profile. In 1984, the year Manfred Hoffmann jr. – today’s owner of the Hoffmann Group of Companies – entered the company, the turnover had grown to a remarkable 30 million D-Mark. However, the better part was achieved through brands of trade, petroleum companies and car manufacturers. It was not until the first half of the 80s that the Neuburg enterprise began to systematically build up the premium car care brand. The clear brand image, advertising and first sponsorships helped SONAX gain more and more awareness. Another push for the enterprise’s development was the German reunification – since 1989, the turnover has doubled within a short time. Today, SONAX is represented in 80 countries around the world. Exports increased to 30 per cent; subsidiary distribution companies in Austria and the Netherlands provide local presence.
Responsible Care For companies and brands to be successful for more than 60 years - just as SONAX has been - many factors need to interact well in the long run. Right from the beginning, which dates back more than 100 years, the group has been characterised by acting with a sense of responsibility towards the society and environment. As modern and international enterprise, we particularly focus on all issues having considerable impact on the objectives of sustainability and success. Environmental Care Product developments and business processes are consistently directed towards protection and conservation of natural resources. SONAX GmbH is committed to honouring its responsibility to the environment and society. This standard is emphasised by the active participation in the industry-wide initiative "Responsible Care". SONAX year after year documents the high degree of fulfilment of the initiative's requirements, thus guaranteeing maximum transparency. As early as 2005, both HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH and SONAX GmbH obtained the ISO 14001 certification (environment). Environmental award from the City of Neuburg In 2005, the City of Neuburg awarded the HOFFMANN Group of Companies with its environmental award. The main focus of this award are the merits in nature protection - particularly the activities for restoring the areas mined for siliceous earth and the creation of biotopes by HOFFMANN Mineral, which is the mother company of SONAX and the origin of the SONAX brand. Operating Efficiency Concepts and programs that have proved to be economical within the HOFFMANN Group of Companies are directly related to a sustainability effect. An example is our new complex system of water recycling and the use of a state-of-the-art treatment plant that has dramatically lowered the water consumption in manufacturing. Such water and energy savings in the production are linked to an increase in productivity and a cut in costs, indispensable for the enterprise group's economical basis. However, only practised environmental protection provides the future-proof basis for the economically sound development of the company. Overall, we open up the possibilities to act early and follow the right path. Quality Management Top product and process quality are crucial factors for success giving SONAX a head start over its competition. Many tests of independent institutions attest to the high product quality. The recognised quality management system of SONAX ensures these successful outcomes: The ISO certification by TÜV confirms the introduction and application in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. SONAX has held this certification since 1994. Neuburg, 10th May, 2012
SONAX produkter är framställda med de mest stringenta krav vad gäller miljöhänsyn och hälsa.